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with a soundtrack that kids can’t resist! Our music song,One Baby Born, is a catchy and catchy song created for the upcoming children’s series or movie. The song is made from the best acoustic instruments, mixed in with some children’s choir vocals. Your kids will be singing along to the lyrics in no time. Grab this song today and you’ll have your next kids’ tv series

This is a great music song for tv movies, series and broadcast program. The melody of the song is beaming with happiness and is suitable for any kind of production.

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Three little girl singing a song on blue background. Happy three kids singing together.

Discover your favorite children’s music at a reasonable price!One Baby Born offers available MP3 downloads of simple tunes to make you feel happy and smile. These original melodies are perfect for children’s programmes, tv movies, or broadcast programs, but don’t be fooled – they’re great for all ages!


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