Furtherset – To Live Tenderly Anew


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Tommaso Pandolfi, aka Furtherset, returns with To Live Tenderly Anew, the follow-up to his 2018 EP releases, To Alter and Affect and Drawings of Desire and Hate, both published with the same label. The young musician from Perugia (Italy) published his first release, a CDr for Concrete Records, in 2013, when he was only 18 years old. This work was later followed by How To Be You on Bertrand Tapes, a label he is also the co-founder of. In 2018 he published his third album for the White Forest, where he further developed his trademark compositional methods. Density, intensity, fragility and emotions define Furtherset’s approach. He is an experimenter who tends to sonic elaborations that start from pre-established ideas, disturbances, omens, hypothetical lines or more precise suggestions. Artists that don’t follow the mainstream path often draw on their own emotional landscapes. Here particular harmonic lines or treatments can’t begin to define the complicated mood of the composer. Everything takes shape in a direct and original way, with meticulous attention to detail suggesting an extraordinary talent alongside a care and passion for sound. Compared to Pandolfi’s previous works, this release – available on both digital and tape – seems to us the most elegiac, Fenneszian, accessible and communicative of his already substantial musical repertoire. The album is divided into six tracks, all worthy of attention, but we were particularly impressed by the last two in the lineup, “Uncoordinated Delicate Perfection” and “Choirs of Deception and Truth”. The final composition begins without any introduction and, despite any rhythmic structure, is gut wrenching in its sheer power and expressiveness. The penultimate track, in contrast, is more iterated, sinuous, layered and even a little disturbing. Despite allusions to other artists and works that inevitably recur in the grooves and imaginaries of the young electronic artist, Furtherset’s compositional process is strikingly unique. It gives life to a compact, refined, immersive and engaging sound, which grows with each subsequent test and which – we are sure – will continue to develop in the future.


Furtherset – To Live Tenderly Anew


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