Jeff Mills – The Clairvoyant

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Jeff Mills – The Clairvoyant


3 x Vinyl – Axis

“There are many ways to imagine the future”. The techno icon, legendary producer and DJ Jeff Mills is immediately clear on this point. In the past he explored more experimental and artistic forms, often performing in non-canonical locations, engaging with different fields, subjects and out of the ordinary settings. The Detroit master says that a way “might be to look back”, “to see what’s similar to what we see today”. In the past there was a vision of the future, which would be our present tense now, and the anachronistic comparison with a future that never came to pass is always fascinating. A larger creative solution “might be to invent and make a time machine”, trying to give a quick look directly to the future. Another way, this time including green and neospiritualist thinking, might be instead to “use our natural senses to feel how our future might be, using that survival instinct that allowed mankind to flourish until today”. Mills expresses a very current and post-pandemic thought, which draws a line between what was and what it will be and retrieves an ancestral clairvoyance, “a supernatural ability to perceive events in the future and beyond the normal sensorial contact”. This is a mediumistic session and in The Clairvoyant different extrasensorial perceptions are tested, recovering an almost ambient dimension, free from the stimulation of clubbing stimulations or from multimedia visual distractions. This new release for the Axis catalogue is a serious electronic work, an essay on change, without denying the past. This clairvoyance, or maybe it would be more accurate to talk about “clairaudience”, the faculty of perception at a distance through hearing is maybe the answer in these uncertain times. In short, times change and when uncertainty becomes the norm, there is more than ever a need for artists and experiences that show us a new path.


Jeff Mills – The Clairvoyant


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