Meinl Set Egg Shaker Pack (4 Pieces) for All Musicians with Soft to Extra Loud Volume Levels — NOT Made in China — Durable All-Weather Synthetic Shells, 2-Year Warranty (ES

Price: $9.99
(as of Jan 08,2022 08:21:40 UTC – Details)

This specially designed set of egg shakers from MEINL Percussion offer 4 different, distinct sounds ranging from soft to loud, giving you the full range of sound possibilities for studio and live performances. White is soft and ideal for quiet ballads, Grey is medium for an all around excellent studio shaker, Red is loud for more cutting sounds, and Black is the loudest for higher volume and live situations. These shakers are vital to any percussion or drum kit set up. Easy to transport and lightweight, these instruments add colorful percussive rhythms to your playing without taking up a large amount of space in your gig bag. Gauges: .011, .015, .023, .032, .042, .052.
Crystal-clear response — while their volume level varies from soft to extra loud, the sound each egg shaker delivers is crystal-clear so your rhythms can cut and support the music whether it’s live acoustic, plugged-in or in the studio
Durable all-weather synthetic shells — the Meinl four-piece egg shakers are made with synthetic shells that resist changes in weather and are durable enough for heavy touring — you can play these shakers in virtually any setting, indoors or outside
Fits easily in your hand — each shaker measures 2″ tall x 1.5″ wide and weighs about an ounce so they are easy to grab and start playing when the moment calls for it on stage — the size is also fun for all ages
Not just for time keepers — these shakers are vital tools for cajon players and drummers but they can be played by anyone on stage, from singers to keyboard players — they also blend well with bongos, djembes, congas and all other percussion instruments
Great for recording studios — outfit your studio’s percussion collection with this handy set of shakers so you can be prepared to add dimension to a track — this egg shaker set is perfect for any commercial or home studio
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