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An ambitious series of 11 music videos accompanied the new Parquet Courts album, Sympathy for Life, and as the band’s Sean Yeaton writes here in an email, the band has opened up the viewing possibilities behind the original live distribution:

In the spirit of miracles, I thought I’d bring up a recent one in PC history, where we somehow incredibly (with the help of so many of our talented friends and colleagues) produced 11 new music videos–one for every song on Sympathy For Life.

Until now the only way to see them was a live stream event that I successfully managed to get many of you to buy tickets to with emails like the one you’re reading now. Most people only ever saw three of the videos though and with it being the holidays and all, we figured what the hell, no space of regret can make amends for one life’s opportunity misused and decided everyone ought to see these videos and by god that’s what the fuck is gonna happen!

Here at Filmmaker we’re streaming Plant Life directed by Adinah Dancyger, whose short film Moving we like a lot and posted earlier this year, along with an interview. About the short, which is a apt counterpoint to these wintery Omnicron days, Dancyger writes:

The video for Plant Life blossomed out of a conversation with the Parquet Courts band member, Austin Brown. We talked about the ups and downs of living in NYC. On one hand the city can feel so harsh and unlivable but on the other hand, it is a place that presents endless excitement. The simple delight of dance and nature felt inherent to the latter and what reflected the spirit of the song. This project was an opportunity to celebrate spontaneity, joy and playfulness. I feel quite lucky and grateful that Keith Williams Richards agreed to do the project. He really embodied the metamorphosis with such an open mind and ease.

Check out the video above.

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