Sound Mixer Board, LED Light Voice Changer Sound Card with Multiple Sound Effects – Live Sound Card for Live Streaming, Audio Mixer for Music Recording Karaoke Singing Broadcast on Cell Phone Computer

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Product Description

live sound cardlive sound card

Sktome Audio Mixer & Sound Mixer Board for Podcast, Livestreaming…

Sktome live sound card product is a professional recording live broadcast equipment that is very popular nowadays for web live broadcast , mobile K song and other platforms. Built-in a DSP digital audio processor, can switch multiple scene modes arbitrarily and supports dual microphones , dua live broadcast, dual headphones.

This sound mixer board has adjustable treble and bass, one-key dodge, one-key elimination of origina sound, one-key noise reduction, multiple groups of sound fine-tuning and other functions . lt supports most live broadeast software , such as TikTok, YouTube, Facebook…

voice changervoice changer


8 Knobs: Independently adjust the microphone equalization(treble/mezzo/bass), microphone volume, voice changer volume, monitor volume, dodge speed.1 large knobs adjust reverb effect.

2 Track Control: Independently adjust the volume of the accompaniment music, record volume

4 Reverb Modes: You can freely choose 5 preset reverberation modes, no cycle through, just 1 key to start: KTV, Concert, Studio, MC.

4 Voice Changer: One-key to change multiple role voices to increase fun, Male/Female/Children/Warcraft voice

20 Atmosphere Special Effects: There are 20 atmosphere special effects for you to choose from, such as Laughter, Kiss, Debut.

Interpretation of 6 Major Features

sound effects board

sound effects board

sound effects board

sound effects board

sound effects board

sound effects board

Dodge Function

When the anchor interacts with the fans, the sound mixer board will automatically lower the volume of accompaniment, When you stop talking , the accompaniment resumes normal playback.

Purge Origninal Function

You just need to press one key to eliminate the original sound, thereby making the music turn into accompaniment. Just show your singing voice.

Noise Control Function

There are 5 levels in sequence, you just need to shortly press this key to reduce the external noise, which make you feel like being in recording studio.

voice changer

voice changer

audio interface

audio interface

podcast equipment bundle

podcast equipment bundle

4 Buit-in Reverb Modes

KTV Mode: The reverberation is large, which simulate KTV scene. Concert Mode: The reverberation is small, which simulate concert scene. Studio Mode: The reverberation is small, and the microphone voice gets large, which makes the recording effect more realistic and fuller. MC Mode: The vocal is low and magnetic, which simulate Live MC scene.

Voice Changer Function

With this function, you can change multiple role voices to increase fun, such as children‘s voice and monster’s voice, which can drive the atmosphere.

Built in 1200 mA Battery

This sound effects board fully charged can last for over 8 hours, support your outdoor live streaming all day. Last longer than other brand products which built in 1000mA

podcast equipment bundlepodcast equipment bundle


sound effects board

16 pre-loaded sound effects + 3 DJ sound effects + 4 pitch changer Multi-people and multi-devices simultaneous live streaming Mixing, monitoring, and equalizer Bluetooth connectivity for music accompaniment

K300 live sound card is exactly what you need when you want to get your podcast, radio shows, or Twitch streams off the ground easily but are not sure what gear to buy. It is so easy and intuitive to use that you can jump headfirst into podcasting within minutes, and focus on providing valued content and interacting with your audiences rather than being distracted by the complicated operations.

Common Problem

1.Has an echo that I can’t turn off

answer:this sound board has independent “monitor vol” control knob. If you hear an echo during use, or don’t want to hear your own voice, just turn off it.

2.No sound came out

answer:First, make sure that all Secondly, You need to prepare a 3.5mm jack headset or external device to hear the voice. The connection method is very simple, Refer to the wiring diagram.

PLEASE NOTE: Microphone only works with 5V. K300 live sound card only supports 3.5mm microphone input and does not support USB microphone. We don’t offer an iphone to headphone adapter, if you use it on iphone you need an adapter cable. It is not a professional mixer sound board, this live broadcast equipment is suitable for beginners

Product Parameter

Rated input 5V/2A Battery capacity 1200MA Digital live interface Type-C Mic interface 3.5mm port *2 Accompaniment 3.5mm port / Wireless Bluetooth Headset interface 3.5mm port Speaker interface 3.5mm port Game/Live interface 3.5mm port *3 Earpiece 3.5mm port *2

Live Modes
12 Live Modes 12 Live Modes 6 Live Modes
Volume Control
12 Volume Control 12 Volume Control 7 Volume Control
Sound Effects
20 Sound Effects 20 Sound Effects 12 Sound Effects
Effect Light

Wireless Support

Battery capacity
1200mAH 1200mAH 1000mAH
Mic Stand
none roud base fixing bracket mic arm
none podcast condenser microphone condenser microphone

????【Atmosphere Building Sound Board】This sound effect board has 7-color atmosphere light, changes with the music, with 12 modes and 20 sound effects, makes the same atmosphere effect as you have a party or a bar. Four magic sound mode switchable: Male/Female/Children/Warcraft voice.
????【Powerful Function Live Sound Card】The dj mixer board support 12 modes and 20 sound effects, live singing, one-key avoidance, elimination of original sound, noise reduction, real-time monitoring and other fuctions. Powerful Four-Core DSP chip, with stable signal, nice sound quality and without delay, 50% increase in noise reduction with RT. 1200 MA large capacity battery.Bluetooth 5.0, Support Bluetooth wireless accompaniment, independent Bluetooth switch key.
????【Multi-Device Support】Compatible for double cell phone live, mobile phone computer synchronous live, one computer live, computer accompaniment cell phone live, instrument input cell phone live. Support two microphones connected at the same time, highpitch, alto-voice and lowpitch can be adjusted independently.The sound board voice changer machine can be compatible with PC, Computer, iPad, Tablet, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox, Switch, IOS, Android phone, Windows, and electronic musical instrument.
????【Matters Attention】 The sound board for streaming is perfect for Live Stream, YouTube kind of videos, Gaming play online, studio music recording and more. The karaoke sound card voice changer only supports 3.5mm microphone input and does not support phantom power and USB microphone.This is NOT professional – level audio mixer, but a audio console for the beginner or intermediate level podcaster OR someone who wants to do some basic voice over work.

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