Writing for Sound and Design. It’s Simple! | by Myk Eff

It’s Simple!

Sound and Design is very much open to other writers though it may not seem that way since most articles have my name signed to them. In the two sections below, I provide examples of the kinds of content published on this blog, and then I explain how you can be added as a writer to the blog for submitting your own articles. If you are an educator, you might suggest to your students that they can publish here, too.

The blog is set up to sort by ‘trending’ (not chronologically published) articles, so the most recent ones don’t necessarily float to the top on the main page. However, under the main navigation tabs, those articles are listed chronologically.

My general advice to get readers initially is to share the article(s) to relevant Facebook groups. That helps with providing data to Medium curators, who may then choose to distribute the article in their official feeds if the read rates are decent (or whatever criteria they may be using — they have their own internal protocols for curation and it’s not always based just on read versus view rates). If they do so, you’ll see “Distributed” in your data graph (see below) which will likely attract more readers over time:

Medium‘s Distributed status on an article (pushed in the platform’s feeds)

The long list of links below might make it seem that becoming a writer for the blog is complicated, but it’s very easy once you get the hang of Medium, if you’re not used to it already. Much of this information won’t be too relevant if you’re regularly writing on Medium, as it’s intended to be thorough for new blog writers:

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